custom-made blackbutt bath: melbourne residence

fraser marsden, residence

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Spike chair by Alexander Lervik

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Slagbaenk is a simple concept – five planks set in the spread between two chairs. A wider plank is placed on top of the chairs, providing both seating and storage lid. The planks can vary in length, adopting to the wished length of the bench.
Slagbaenk is part of Art with function – Design without.

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Slice cafe and dining chair by Graypants design.

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Drop, by Designest

The function of this modern furniture piece isn’t immediately obvious, but that’s just a part of its appeal! The Drop magazine stand’s functional tear-drop shape provides an elegant storage solution for all your periodicals and it also makes a great bookmark. Just place your current read over the top to save the page until you’re ready to pick it back up. The unique construction is made of 3mm birch sheets bound with a lamination technique that makes it possible to mold in just one major manufacturing process.

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Form, File, Finish

When you’re working with wood, precision is key, so having the right tool for the job is an occupational necessity. This is especially true when sanding, as awkward nooks and crannies can quickly turn task into torment. That is, until now. Sandables are moldable sanding tools that can be reshaped on the go, allowing them to be customized to suit any job. The sanders are pre-shaped for maximum utility, but 3 minutes in the microwave allows each to be molded to the desired shape, whether you’re attaching a stick for added reach, or fitting a tight corner. With three distinct grits, and endless reusability, Sandables may be the last sanding tools you ever buy. Period. 

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